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كلية التمريض

Faculty Of Nursing

مخرجات التعلم - بكالوريوس التمريض


A Bachelor's Degree in Nursing

Program Objectives:

1.      Prepare graduates who possess the competencies required for safe, high-quality, and evidence-based practice.

2.      Develop the graduates' ability to think critically, lead and communicate effectively within diversified and ever-changing health systems.

3.      Provide contemporary educational curricula and environments centered on the learner and the required competencies.

4.      Provide distinguished faculty members and researchers by executing suitable recruitment, training, and scholarship plans.

5.      Promote individual, family, and community health in various health care aspects through local, regional, and international partnerships.


Program Learning Outcomes:

1 (a)

Recognize the evidence-based scientific knowledge to provide nursing care and contribute to the development of the nursing profession.

2 (b)

Recognize the concepts of responsibility and accountability when applying the nursing profession's standards and committing to the legal aspects controlling the profession.

3 (c)

Provide comprehensive nursing care related to the client's bio-psychosocial needs.

4 (d)

Use critical observation and thinking skills when assessing health variables resulting from various health disorders to undertake appropriate clinical decisions.

5 (e)

Recognize the administrative and leadership aspects associated with the practice of the nursing profession.

6 (f)

Collaborate with the health team members in developing a comprehensive care plan for the recipient of health care.

7 (g)

Demonstrate effective communication with clients and health team members using communication skills and information technology.

8 (h)

Conduct environmental risk assessment in the workplace at all stages of care.

9 (i)

Commit to safety and quality standards in providing specialized nursing care to the health care recipients.