About the department

Based on the University's utmost care of bringing its principles and concepts into reality as well as its awareness of the value of health for the students, Isra University has established its own medical center within its campus and indulged it with a spacious yard. The university has also supplied the center with a professional medical staff as well as the latest medical and aiding equipment including ER rooms, treatment and observation rooms in addition to a pharmacy containing a big variety of medicine being prescribed for patients free of charge whenever needed.

The university has paid its utmost attention to the student's health by transferring the ones in need for medical attention to hospitals. The university has also equipped the medical center with an ambulance in order to transfer patients from the departments and faculties to the center or hospital if necessary.

The university provides a remarkable medical system for its students and employees who enjoy every medical service provided by the center and the pharmacy as well as treatment at the elite hospitals in the country.