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April 7-8 th

Welcome to Our Conference!

The civil engineering department at Al-Isra University will organize its international conference designed for engineers, engineering experts, academics, government personnel, and industrial leaders and will be held at Isra University campus, Amman – Jordan. The conference is planned for April 7–8, 2015.

The conference offers professionals an opportunity to share their current experiences, emerging knowledge and future trends and promotes interdisciplinary understanding of current engineering problems and their underlying science and technology with special focus on the concepts and practices of sustainable and smart planning, design, engineering and construction that are essential for local and global competitiveness and social well-being.

The conference also provides continued professional development for water, environment, structure, transportation, and geotechnical professionals.

Participants will enjoy ideal access to invited outstanding speakers as well as decision makers and the opportunity to develop long-term relationships with fields' leaders.

Accepted and presented papers will be subjected to further evaluation for possible publication in Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering (JJCE) "An International Refereed Research Journal"
"An International Refereed Research Journal"

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Concrete design and Technology.
  • Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering.
  • Steel Structures.
  • Environmental laws and regulations.
  • Computational Mechanics.
  • Sustainability in Civil Engineering.
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems.
  • Traffic and Highways Safety (risk assessment, initiatives, and priorities).
  • Future Trends in Public Transportation modes.
  • Water and Air Pollution Modeling, Control, Prevention and Treatment.
  • New Technologies and Materials in Civil Engineering.
  • Deep and Shallow Foundation.
  • Soil Improvement.