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كلية تكنولوجيا المعلومات
Faculty of Information Technology

الأربعاء, 02 تشرين2/نوفمبر 2016 00:00

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كلية تكنولوجيا المعلومات

قسم هندسة البرمجيات- ماجستير

الرسائل التي تمت مناقشتها 2015-2018


Thesis Title, Date

Name of Student

Supervisor (s)

Examining the Factors Influencing Distance Learners in Learning Management System (LMS), 2018.

Mariam Alhadethi

Dr. Aysh Alhroob

Automated Approach to validate Correctness and Completeness of Requirements Specification, 2018.

Yazan Kasabreh

Dr. Aysh Alhroob

Trustworty Framework for Authentication Cloud of Things, 2018

Rema Abu Sareeh

Dr.Thamer Al-Rousan

Generation of Sequence Diagram Automatically From Use Case Model, 2017.

Heba Nassar

Dr. Aysh Alhroob

Dr. Ayad T. Al-Zobaydi

Automation of Extracting Use Case and Actors, 2017.

Eyad Jebreel

Prof. Mohammad Alfayomi

Dr. Ayad T. Al-Zobaydi

Acceptance of Mobile Learning Among Students in Isra University, 2017.

Farah Almonthry

Prof. Mohammad Al-fayoumi

Dr.Basaam Al-Shargabi

Design and Implementation of Security Solutions for Mobile Applications Using Security Design Patterns, 2017.

Saif Maheer

Dr. Adi Al-Maaita

Enhance Team Management Through A system Approach Model, 2016.

Eymad Abu Sareeh

Prof . Mohammad Al- fayoumi

Software engineering assessment method to classify the cloud Security issues, 2016

Ahmad Shamout

Dr. Adi Al-Maaita

Enhancing the Efficiency of Multi Agents System Interaction Model, 2016.

Abed alrahman Saleh

Dr. Thamer Al-Rousan

Dr. Abed asalam Al-Arabeat

Software Requirement Elicition Using Al Techniques, 2016.

Rawan Al-Heisa

Dr.Aysh Alhroob

Dr. Ayad T. Al-Zobaydi

Agent oriented software engineering methodology, 2015.

Akram Samour

Dr. Abed asalam Al-Arabeat

Formal specification method for GAIA methodology, 2015.

Laith Obaidat

Dr. Abed asalam Al-Arabeat

Enhancement of Acceptance Testing in Agile Approach, 2015.

Randa Fahmi

Dr. Aysh Alhroob

Risk Mitigation Model in Agile Approach, 2015.

Areej Alnadaf

Dr. Aysh Alhroob



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