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Career Guidance And Alumni Office King Abdullah ll Fund For Development

Thursday, 18 October 2018 06:58

Vision, Objectives and Mission

Our vision

The vision of the Fund's Office stems from the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II to develop and develop civil society and its members, especially young people, as the cornerstone for building modern Jordan. Therefore, we believe in the Office of the Fund that the care of youth in universities and training and development of their abilities and scientific and practical skills is to invest and prepare a generation capable of thinking, creativity and excellence to participate in various stages of building the homeland.


Our objectives

- Provide a database on human resources labor market needs.
-  To harmonize the communication skills with which students are trained to meet the real needs of the labor market locally, regionally and globally as a prerequisite for harmonizing the outputs of the education system with the inputs of the labor market in general.
 - Consolidation of work values, behavior and functional affiliation.
 - Assisting students in securing permanent employment opportunities after graduation or temporary during their university education.
-  Opening channels of communication between the student community in universities,  private sector activities and civil society organizations.
- To serve as a liaison between the King Abdullah II Fund for Development and students in universities by placing them in the form of pilot programs and projects that are implemented by the Fund.
-  Helping students to join volunteer programs and community service activities.
- Preparing and organizing advanced training courses and workshops to enable students to obtain practical experience and within their specialization before graduating from the university.
- Encouraging students to establish productive projects that serve the country.
- Career days to help students find suitable jobs.

Our mission

The Fund's Office will train the University's youth and build their professional capacities by coordinating the efforts of individuals and institutions concerned and capable of contributing to the provision of what young people need to enter the labor market and the construction journey with determination and will supported by skill and excellence in work and the desire for continuous learning. And launch into the future.

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