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دائرة العلاقات الثقافية و العامة
Cultural and Public Relations

Vision & Mission

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 The Vision and mission

·       The Vision:

The contribution  and engagement to  enhance the human civilization in the area of development and progression   throughout  the creation of  special and extraordinary  environment  to facilitate to  prepare  the individual  scientifically, technically, and culturally,  in order to enhance  an  individual who is proficient and eligible to make the university a leader and pioneer in different fields. In addition, to make him knowledgeable to broadcast the    knowledge and support the professional training and also scientific research.


·       Mission:

Building  a high-quality representation  of the university from  internally as well as externally in order to  catch the attention of more students to admit  and register to the university, and also, facilitate the duties of academic  and administrative members in order to achieve the main objectives of the university.



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