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  • isra university جامعة الإسراء
  • Vision & Mission


    To become a leading school in nursing sciences, scientific research, and community partnership.


    To graduate competent nursing professionals who are prepared to provide comprehensive, high quality nursing care as part of the interdisciplinary team in an ever changing environm

    Program Learning Outcomes:

    1. Recognizing the evidence-based Scientific knowledge to provide nursing care and contribute to the development of the nursing profession.
    2. Recognizing the concepts of responsibility and accountability when applying the standards of nursing profession and committing to the legal aspects controlling the profession.
    3. Providing comprehensive nursing care related to the patients' bio-psychosocial needs.
    4. Using critical observation and thinking skills when assessing health variables resulting from various health disorders to undertake appropriate clinical decisions.
    5. Recognizing the administrative and leadership aspects associated with the practice of the nursing profession.
    6. Collaborating with  the health team members in developing a comprehensive care plans to the health care recipient.
    7. Demonstrating effective communication with patients and health team members using communication skills and information technology.
    8. Conducting environmental risk assessment in the workplace at all stages of care.
    9. Committing with safety and quality standards in the provision of specialized nursing care to health care recipient.
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