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مكتب الاعتمــاد
Accreditation Office

Sunday, 16 February 2020 06:29

Vision & Mission Of Accreditation Office


Toward a university that is accredited privately, generally, locally and internationally.


Applying the elements of the private and general accreditation system by means of achieving the local and international criteria.


  1. Enhancing the accreditation culture among the university personnel
  2. Applying the private and general criteria of accreditation in the university and its faculties in accordance with the criteria of the accreditation commission of the Higher Education institution and their quality
  3. Continuous checking of the capacity level
  4. Studying the prospects of initiating new academic programs according to the needs of the work market
  5. Following up the requirements of the private and general accreditation in response to the criteria set by the accreditation commission and ensuring their quality and developing the skill of the accreditation office staff.
  6. Cooperating with all faculties, departments, and different offices in fulfilling the strategic objectives of the university which spring from the strategic plan of the university.
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