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عمادة البحث العلمي والدراسات العليا
Deanship of Scientific Research and Higher Studies

Tuesday, 03 November 2015 00:00

vision and mission

Dean's vision is as follows:
1. Continuous encouragement of research and development of science and knowledge, particularly in the areas of development in Jordan and the Arab countries.
2. Coordination with colleges and academic departments in the preparation of doing scientific research on the short, medium and long ranges at the university and their means of implementation plans.
3. Redouble efforts to hold further cooperation and coordination agreements with research institutions locally, regionally and internationally in order to serve development plans in Jordan and the Arab countries.
4. Developing the skills of faculty members in the areas and ways of methods of scientific research, so as to contribute at the same practical value utilized in the overall development in Jordan and the Arab countries for scientific research achievement.

The mission of the deanship in:

1. The implementation of the university's policy concerning the organization of the affairs of scientific research and encourage and support financially and morally.
2. Giving the priority to productive scientific research that serve the purposes of development in Jordan and the Arab countries.
3. Dean keen to employ scientific research in the development of scientific queens with faculty members a as one of the three fundamental aspects upon which the university beside teaching and community service.
4. Dean sought to provide the right atmosphere and the necessary possibilities for the advancement of scientific research at the university.
5. Cooperation in various fields of scientific research with universities, institutions and research centers inside and outside Jordan.

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