Vision and Mission Statements

 University Vision:
Pioneering in education, innovation, scientific research, and development of society.


University Mission:
Commitment to providing pioneering academic programs, developing scientific research, stimulating innovation, and contributing to achieving the aspirations of society through the implementation of the international standards of excellence.


University Strategic Goals:

The first goal: Developing the strategic planning system.

The second goal: Upgrading the governance system at the university.

The third goal: Providing pioneering academic programs.

The fourth goal: Developing scientific research, stimulating innovation, and pioneering projects.

The fifth goal: Raising the efficiency of investment in the financial, physical, and human resources.

The sixth goal: Providing a stimulating and supportive environment for the students and investing their abilities as a key partner to the university.

The seventh goal: Reinforcing community and institutional partnerships locally, regionally, and internationally.

The eighth goal: Institutional commitment to the total quality management system.


University Values:

1. Leadership.

2. Integrity.

3. Involvement.

4. Excellence and Innovation.

5. Moderation.

6. Transparency.