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دائرة العلاقات الثقافية و العامة
Cultural and Public Relations

Sunday, 22 March 2015 00:00

Photography and Videography Section

The Section monitors the following:

1-      Activities of the president, deans, faculty members and administrative departments.

2-      Academic, cultural, athletic, and Activities inside and outside the campus of the university, including festivals, art exhibitions, and other ceremonies.

3-      New and under-construction buildings of the university, in addition to a variety of scenes from the campus and its facilities.

4-      Monitoring the programs/ courses conducted by the faculties and the consultative centre of the university.

5-      Photographing the graduates, members of the teaching staff, and the workers for purposes of issuing the annual Book of the University.

6-      Photographing the guests and visiting delegates and organizing a special archive of these events.

7-      Providing the media with photos of activities, facilities, and events of the university.

8-      Participating in the Committee of Mustering New Students.

9-      Participating in the Committee of Graduating.

10-  Processing the publication of the annual University Book and following up the issuing of Isra News Bulletin in print.

11-  Reception of university guests in Amman Airport and seeing them to their hotels.

12-  Participating in the propagation activities for publicizing the university inside and outside the country, as in exhibitions and universities. 

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