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  • isra university جامعة الإسراء
  • Cultural and Public Relations

    Section of Follow up and Arrangements

    1.    Coordination with faculties concerning the following items:

    • Required Statements which should be published in local journals.
    • Organizing festivals and activities of the faculties and ensuring all requirements.
    • Meeting guests visiting University  public utilities.

    2.    Coordination with various offices concerning the following items.

    • Cooperating with the University security especially guests entrance to the university.
    • Coordinating with the University restaurant in order to achieve good reception and hospitality.
    • Coordination with computing center in order to secure activities requirements.
    • Coordination with Students affairs deanship, concerning activities and preparation of the theatre.

    3.    Coordination with the local community:

    • Carrying out correspondence and communication through local  and field visits.
    • Calling for  festivals and activities inside the University.
    • Exchange of visits and meetings between the university and institutions of local community.

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