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دائرة العلاقات الثقافية و العامة
Cultural and Public Relations

Unit in brief

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This Department has been created since the establishment of the university in 1991, and is considered as the widow of the university to internal audience and represented by the academic and administrative members and also students and it is the connection with the regional and international community for its efforts to maintain the university’s progress and development throughout facilitating our needs that serve the university’s viewpoint. It has an enthusiastic to keep people from inside an outside the university updated about all different news and activities.

Where the department of relations contains the following section:

  •  Internal relations and activities.
  • Department of media.
  • Organization and follow-up section.
  • The photography section.

The department of cultural and public relation in its philosophy depends on the following pillars:

  • Media documentation of activities and events organized on the university's website, websites and official daily newspapers.
  • Issuing bulletins such as the "Al-Isra Al-Israa" newsletter, the publication of the "Yearbook of Graduates" and the issuance of the university's brochures.
  • Receiving the delegations of the university and its visitors, preparing the programs of their visits, and following up all their needs.
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