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Scientific Production - Management Information Systems (MIS)

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Scientific Production - Management Information Systems (MIS)
Last Three Years

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(Isra University)

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Bulletin of Social Informatics Theory and Application

Salwa alsmarai

Social media and its adverse effect on academic performance of students.


Inspecting the role of Software as a Service (SaaS) in public sector organizations with the extension of technology organization-environment (TOE) framework.

(Acceptance) August 2019

Yanal Kilani

International Journal of Business Information Systems


Advantages of cloud supply chain management systems from the point of view of the service provider: an empirical study of cloud computing companies in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and UAE, 1812- AJMSE-8(1)-806 Vol 8 Jan, 2019

Yanal Kilani

Asian Journal of Management Sciences & Education (AJMSE)


The Impact of Organizational and Human Factors on the successful implementation of ERP System in Water Authority of Jordan .

Heba AL-Malahmeh

Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (Accepted).




The impact of Jordanian banks websites quality on customers satisfaction 2018,august

Amaal al-Amawi

International journal of business and management




The Role of competitive intelligence types in markitting of banking services volume 8 number 10 october 2017

Salwa alsmarai

International Journal of business and Social Science



E-Learning Readiness of Jordanian Universities ISSN (Paper)2224-5758, Vol 7 No.

Yanal Kilani

Journal of Information and Knowledge Management. The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)



The Effect Of Application Requirement Availability on Cloud Computing Adoption in Jordan.( Issue 6,Vol. 3 ,: June 2016)

Salwa alsmarai

International Advanced Research Journal in Science, Engineering and Technology (IARJSET)


The Influence of the Leadership Style on Managerial Creativeness from the Perspective of Employees within Jordanian Industrial Corporations Vol 13, no 3, 2016, Page 27-39 2016

Yanal Kilani

International Business and Management

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