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  • isra university جامعة الإسراء
  • Faculty of Law

    Master's program - Law Faculity

    Isra University received approval to open Accreditation Council of Graduate Studies program for a master's degree in law, and received the first batch of students beginning of the academic year (2005/2006). The University success in receiving the accreditation natural is a result of outstanding efforts in providing the best educational programs that provides the student theoretical information and practical experience that qualify to compete in the job market and stand out from its fellow graduates from other universities.

    Faculty of Law since its beginning has been keen to attract distinguished members of their qualifications, academic and legal experience and contracting with the best judges and lawyers working in various areas of law fields.

    The college has followed the same approach in the master's program through its willingness to attract the best professors in the Jordanian and Arab universities to take on teaching students of all branches of law, according to a study plan-prepared accurate and consistent with accreditation standards.

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