The objectives of Marketing Department

Brief summary

Starting from the expansion strategy that the School of Business adopted from its launch in the year 1991-1992, and what assured the importance of introducing the basic and important disciplines in that field. The development of the Marketing Department was the largest evidence of this trend after a period of preparation and readiness spanning more than 3 years in order to build the entity of this specialization in a holistic manner and provide all the requirements for the advancement of the tasks entrusted to it. At the beginning of the academic year 2002/2003, the department was accredited by the Public and Private Accreditation Committees of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The Objectives of the department

The Department of Marketing aims to graduate cadres in the field of marketing to support the Jordanian and national markets with their needs and to contribute to the development and construction of the Jordanian national economy and Arab economies.

Through the implementation of ambitious scientific and educational plans and programs in accordance with a contemporary scientific and global outlook characterized by communication with Arab and world-class universities as well as with formal and informal institutions and civil society organizations in order to be able to compete in the local, regional and global labor market.

The department also aims to build the personality of the graduate student in the Department of Marketing properly through the development of his abilities in making the right decisions in addressing performance and marketing problems in particular through the development of these skills based on the programs and plans of the department of scientific, educational and training courses carried out during the study period of the student.

Methods of achieving the objectives::

  1. Attracting efficient teaching staff and advanced scientific ranks
  2. The use of modern teaching methods based on modern techniques such as (Internet, Data Show)
  3. Expanding the adoption of the English language in some specialized subjects in the department.
  4. Adopt periodic and regular evaluation of study plans and make adjustments and updates that are consistent with contemporary directives in the field of specialization.
  5. Attention to scientific visits to various institutions and companies according to a plan to be developed executive programs by the Department.
  6. Attention to the guidance plans for the students of the department and follow-up implementation according to a mechanism to be adopted by the department.
  7. Attention to scientific research, especially applied, encourage students to do so, give great importance to the subject of graduation research and stimulate the atmosphere of discussion among students.