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Vision and Mission Statements

Leadership in education, creativity, scientific research, and community development.

Commitment to provide pioneer academic programs, develop scientific research, stimulate creativity, and contribute to achieving the aspirations of society through the application of international standards of excellence.

IU seeks to provide a platform of quality-oriented programs and academic excellence for:

  • The acquisition of new and ever-changing knowledge and its dissemination and extension of its applications beyond the boundaries of the campus.
  • The encouragement of intellectual independence and personal initiative towards creativity and innovation.
  • Contributing to the sustainable development of the local and regional communities.
  • The provision of continuous education and the acquisition of knowledge and know-how within the context of a lifelong perspective.
  • The support of high caliber research papers and projects, publications, and studies that address timely issues of paramount importance.
  • The mounting of academic symposia, conferences, colloquies and training programs that foster the sharing of high-level expertise necessary to accelerate socio-economic progress.
  • The rendering of consultations and services streamlined to serve developmental plans and societal needs.


To attain its desired objectives, IU will demonstrate a continuing commitment to adopting constructive dialogue and interaction by means of supporting free expression, critical thinking and diversity in ideas; fostering the growth of human values and protecting individuals' human rights; and abiding by the principles of equality, equity, justice, equal opportunities and freedom among students.

IU Objectives:

IU strives to be a major research-led and excellence-oriented institution of higher education with the following fundamental aims:

  1. Development of a strategic plan that reflects the university's vision, mission, and values
  2. Development of the University's governance system by promoting the principles of institutional work and spreading a culture of integrity, transparency and equal opportunities, and working in a team spirit.
  3. Provide pioneer academic programs that meet the needs of the labor market, and use the latest technology and methods in education.
  4. Developing scientific research and stimulating creativity and entrepreneurial projects through attracting and developing research competencies and providing financial and material resources to support researchers.
  5. Improvement the level of performance, efficiency and competitive capabilities between faculties as well as administrative units in order to be one of the distinguished universities nationally and internationally.
  6. Development of financial and material resources of the institution, Development of human resources through mechanisms of training, rehabilitation and performance evaluation.
  7. Development of student services, enabling students to keep pace with the labor market by providing training and qualification opportunities, and enhancing the role of the graduate follow-up office in supporting students after graduation to achieve and provide continuous communication, training and employment opportunities for them
  8. Contribution in the achievement of the aspirations and services of the community and strengthen partnerships with institutions and universities at the local, regional and global level.8. Contribution in the achievement of the aspirations and services of the community and strengthen partnerships with institutions and universities at the local, regional and global level.
  9. Obtaining the national quality assurance certificate for all programs in the university, and improving the rank of the university within the national and international rankings.
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