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Health and Medical Center

Thursday, 19 November 2015 00:00

Health center tasks

1. Identification of health problems that are diffused in health center working area, studying the health reality, economic and social infrastructure, demographics, services and facilities health related, knowing the sources of diseases, infection modes, size of problems and arranging them according to priorities, developing the solutions to combat and control , through the coordination and cooperation with relevant authorities.

2. Providing primary health care services that are basic for students in health center area which includes:
- Awareness and health education.
- Psychological care.
- Oral and dental health.
- Basic vaccinations.
- Reinforcing healthy nutrition for the individual and society.
- Basic medicines.

3. Referral of patients as needed to hospitals.
4. Collecting, organizing and keeping information and statistics related to health status.
5. Preparation of required periodic reports and submitting them to primary health care management.
6. Employment of oriented foundations for Primary Health Care and using it effectively and efficiently to present basic health care services.

And to get to know up closely the role of primary health care and the services it provides we find preventive services, therapeutic, rehabilitative and developmental, this is evident through the primary health care elements which are:

Firstly: health education and awareness about health and social problems, and the work on subtracting ways for controlling and eliminating it through students’ participation. Health education is a declaration process, urging students to adopt a lifestyle pattern and permanent healthy practices where it is specialized in changing the points of view for individual and society and their behavior to improve the health level. People health is their basic responsibility where the medical historian Sigerist announced in 1941 AD that the health of people should be their responsibility, and that the war against diseases for the sake of heath can not be fought by doctors only, but this is a people battle that must be waged by all peoples together, This what confirms the need for active participation of students and mutual benefit between the doctor and the student.

The Health education is based on three major goals:

1. the health information acquisition
2. urging students to change the concepts of healthy erroneous
3. Guiding students to follow a proper healthy behavior
From this element, we find that awareness lectures and lessons within the primary health care centers or outside are done by members of the health team, and through the audiovisual media and the readable media, a clear evidence to the contribution and auspices of this important element.

Secondly: Working on basic environmental sanitation in coordination with other Executive agencies which are related to this area, Interested in the health of environment and are based on health monitoring such as municipalities, and aimed at the prevention of diseases caused by drinking contaminated water, or the low level of personal hygiene. In addition the following up on special activities with foodstuffs in public shops and to monitor and examine the sources of drinking water, and following-up food poisoning incidents.

Thirdly: educating citizens to follow proper hygiene methods in the preparation of food and its diversity for different groups, especially children and pregnant women; and early detection for cases of ill-nutrition resulting either from eating insufficient amounts of food or the lack of balance in the basic elements and among these diseases anemia and night blindness and etc.

Fourthly: the proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment of common diseases and injuries including the simple surgeries and oral and dental care, In addition to the provision of essential medicines needed.

This is in addition to the many programs such as anti-smoking program where it was opening anti-smoking clinics at health centers during the past years and that contributes and helps those who wish to quit this harmful habit for individual and community health. As well starting training programs and continuous medical education initiated by the primary health care in Jeddah city for doctors and Performance Development program for nursing category working in health centers In order to energize their knowledge and improve the level of health services provided to students and employees.

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