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Wednesday, 23 December 2015 00:00

Council - Graduate Studies


Members of the Council of Graduate 2016/2017


Prof. Rami A. Maher Chairman
Prof. Mahmoud Noor Dean of Business
Prof. Hamdi Qbilat Dean of Law
Prof Zuhriea  Abdul Haqe Dean of art and Science
Dr. Ahmad Soman Dean of Educational Science
Dr. Ayash Al Hroob Dean of Information Technology
Dr. Tayseer Rawashdeh Dean of Engineering
Dr. Amjad Abo Rmela Dean of Pharmacy
Prof. Adel Alali Faculty of Law
Prof Hashim Manah Faculty of Art
Dr. Haitham Mbaideen Faculty of Business
Dr. Thamer Al Roosan Faculty of Information Technology
Dr. Eman Al Zemely Faculty of Pharmacy
Dr. Ibraheem Abead Faculty of Engineering
Dr. Mohamed Hamza Faculty o Educational Science


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