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    Speech of Financial Office Manager

    The Financial is department considered as a basic department in the University for its significant role, responsibility and it performs duties. in addition to its distinguished role with various departments, offices and deanship, in the University.

    1- Department of students accounting

    This department has a direct contact with the students, it provides the best means to facilitate students’ applications through:
    a. Collecting fees.
    b. Answering student’s questions.
    c. Informing student’s with official documents.

    - Accounts were opened in several banks to facilitate electronic registration for students. The banks are

    -Arab Bank- AL-Bayader Wadi AL-Seer
    Account No: 162-40215-0-501
    IBAN NO J018ARAB1620000000162402
    AL-Ittihad/Main branch:
    Account No: 001-010387449-151-02
    IBAN NOJo66uBS11010000010103874915102
    Extension: 2661+2250

    2- Department of general Accounting

    This department is responsible for preparing special cheques related to financial dealing including:
    - Preparation of suppliers cheques.
    - Preparation of suppliers and graduates dues.
    - Preparation of financial remittance.

    Extension: 2626

    3- Department of salaries Accounting:

    This department has a direct contact with all officials of the university and its duty is to prepare the salaries and dues of there officials.
    Extension: 2658+2628

    4- Main Fund

    This department is responsible for transferring money and financial liquidity which includes the following:

    - receiving payment of reinvested cheques.
    - receiving payment of training courses.
    - delivering signed cheques for students and suppliers.

    Extension: 2622 

    5-The Follow-up department

    This department is concerned with money claims for the university
    Extension: 2620

    6- Secretariat:

    Its duty is to print official documents and is concerned with applicants of the financial manager
    Extension: 2627

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