Message from The Dean

Welcome to the homepage of the Engineering Faculty.

The Faculty of Engineering was established in 1991 and today includes four programs at the bachelor’s level: Civil Engineering, Architecture Engineering, Communication and Electronics Engineering, and Renewable Energy Engineering, and two master's programs: Master of Engineering Projects Management and Master of Structural Engineering.

Since its inception, the Faculty of Engineering has pledged itself to achieve excellence in engineering education and scientific research, embodying its vision and fulfilling its mission of community service.

From this standpoint, and believing that the success of universities in fulfilling their scientific and societal roles, guarantees the success of its mission in raising up a generation of graduates capable of carrying responsibility and advancing society, the Faculty of Engineering has worked hard to attract distinguished faculty members from inside and outside the country and has worked to develop its study plans to keep pace with the developments of the times, until we see graduates of the Faculty of Engineering occupy important positions and everyone attests them with competence, whether in the private or public sector, inside and outside Jordan.

Engineering sciences have become of great complexity with many challenges, but also of many opportunities and alternatives, and we live in an open world full of communication facilities and mutual influence. On this basis, the Faculty of Engineering at Isra University has adopted, since its inception, a policy of openness to the industry to provide its graduates with the necessary skills to keep pace with the tremendous developments in the labor market. It has always worked to enrich its educational programs in cooperation with the finest engineering companies in Jordan, in various engineering fields, in order to raise the awareness of our students to the necessity of reviewing the latest engineering developments, to help them discover their talent and their sense of responsibility, to develop in them the ability of observing and curiosity, to train them to provide alternative solutions, and to improve their level of decision-making, to be in line with the requirements of the labor market.

May God help us to serve our students and provide everything that is useful and new to them so that we can realize on the ground our vision that aims at excellence in education and community service.


Acting dean 

Dr. Ghaida'a Abu Romman