Message From the Dean

I am pleased to welcome you to the Website of Isra University - Faculty of Business, which was established in 1991 and commenced its academic mission to provide Bachelor degrees in the following fields: Banking and Financial Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting and Management Information Systems (MIS). The faculty has recently launched two Master programs in Accounting and Business Administration as a result of its ongoing hard work since its inception, to graduate competent and well established graduates in their fields of specializations, who have the ability to compete locally, regionally and globally.

Within the framework of general improvement toward excellence, the Faculty of Business has been always keen to develop its undergraduate and graduate academic programs to maintain the distinctive quality of its graduates and to enhance its competitiveness nationally and regionally. Moreover, the faculty plays an important role in guiding both decision makers and students through its research centers, which participated effectively in observing analyzing and explaining community problems in order to find realistic solutions.

The Faculty has given great attention to students' extracurricular activities which aim to develop and integrate their personalities and to provide them with the most needed skills to compete significantly in the labor markets.

We are very proud of our graduates, who currently hold important positions in their work places locally and regionally. Furthermore, our faculty has one of the most experienced faculty members who enjoy high level of experience in their relevant fields of Accounting, Banking and Financial Management, Business Administration, Marketing and Management Information Systems. Not to forget our experienced Computer Labs supervisors, who constantly provided constant support to our students and the Academic staff.

Last but not least, at Isra University, we always look forward to the future despite its challenges and difficulties; in hope to be one of the elite and notable international academic institutions.


Prof. Belal Khalaf Al Sakarneh