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  • Evening Studies Program

    Specializations in evening Study


    Faculty of Arts

       1.     Department of Arabic Language.

       2.     Department of English Language and Literature.

       3.     Translation Department. 

    Faculty   of  Financial and Administrative Sciences

       1.     Accounting.

       2.     Management.

       3.     Banking and financial administration.

       4.     Marketing.

       5.     Administrative Information Program.

    Faculty of Law

       1.     Law.

    Faculty of Engineering

       1.     Civil Engineering.

       2.     Engineering Architecture.

    Faculty of Information Technology

       1.     Programs Engineering.

       2.     Computer Information Programs.

       3.     Science of Computing.

       4.     Multimedia Programs.

       5.     Computing Network Systems.

       6.     Management Information Systems.

    Faculty of Educational Sciences

       1.     Class Teacher.

       2.     Child Education.


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