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    This department, whose first headquarters was at Abdali, was founded in 1991 then moved to Isra campus located at Qeen Alia International airport road. It then comprised of two sections: the academic and the administrative ones. It started with three employees while the academic and administrative staff members were approximately (50) including 28 academicians and 22 supporting cadres divided among faculties and departments of the university.

       The department developed along with that of the university AT its different stages. At present 2016, the department cadre comprises of seven including the director. The academic staff increased to (250) staff members: (230) of them are full-time job and the rest are part timers. The administrative cadre is now 500 distributed among faculties and departments. Like the university, everything in the department has been computerized.

      The Significant Services Offered by the Department Appointments, Resignation, Rewards, Interviews, All Types of vacation, Final Financial Dues, Annual Contract Renewals, Annual Increments, Social Security, work permits, extra load , sorting out and classifying jobs, applications, work monitoring, preparing Accreditation Needs, Visas, Correspondences, and Archives.

    Future Plan

    The department of human resources started modernization to meet future job requirements and to cope with that of the university. It now comprises that following sections:

    1- Personnel service department, the duty of which is to serve employees with respect to appointments, resignation, etc..

    2- Employees Training and Developing in both the academic and administrative fields.

    3- Assessment

    4- Recruiting

    5- Services – work permits, work licenses, Receptions, Visas, etc..

    6- Computerization all fields.


    The major goal of the department is to reflect the brilliant clear picture of the university, being distinguished in services, good treatment, fast performance, good reception and renowned fame, in addition to cordiality among all and avoidance of work obstacles.

    Director of Human Resourced Department

    Loay Hasan 

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