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  • Faculty of Science

    About the Department of Chemistry

    Overview of the Department:

    The department was established at the start of the academic year 2015/2016 upon the desire of the university to pay more attention to basic sciences and to give the importance they deserve that all applied sciences depends on. Currently, there are four faculty members with PhD. degrees in the fields of Organic, Inorganic, analytical and Physical Chemistry, also, there is a faculty member with M.Sc. degree. This will cover all fields in basic chemistry.

    Isra University paid great attention to preparation educational laboratories for all stages during the B.SC. Program comparable to levels available in high ranking universities. The degree plan for the B.Sc. degree in chemistry was prepared so that it makes chemistry with chemical technology and industry and with all other applied sciences. This will prepare chemistry graduates for the job market in all fields of chemical industry.

    Departmental Mission:

    The department mission is focusing on preparation of youth graduates with good background in all fields of chemistry to be qualified to serve the nation in all fields.

    Chemistry graduates are qualified for teaching jobs in schools and universities. Also, they are qualified for jobs in chemical industry using their backgrounds and skills they acquired from chemistry teaching laboratories that include chemical analysis, spectroscopy and other conventional methods of analysis.

    Departmental Vision:

    The department is looking forward to feed the nation with highly skilled graduates in terms of education and moral that enable them to solve problems that they may face in their future career.

    Also, the department is preparing to open graduate programs soon using the expertise of its faculty members who were graduated from best universities in Europe and the United States.


    The main financial resources of the department are from students fees of departmental courses and service courses offered to other colleges in the university.

    Degree Plan:

    The degree plan of the B.Sc. in chemistry involves 132 credit hours. Out of which 65 credits in mandatory courses, 12 credits for electives and 7 mandatory credits as supplements   for chemistry major.

    Students Activities:

    The department encourages students to get involved in extra curriculum activities that involved scientific visits to chemical factories and research centers. Also, it encourages students to participate in the college activities such as the “Scientific Day” and attending conferences held in Isra University and other universities in Jordan as well as services offered to local community organized by Deanship of Students.

    Future Departmental Plans:


    The department is looking forward to provide quality services for local community especially for high schools nearby. Also, the department is in the process of establishing research laboratories equipped with research instruments for the department faculty to conduct their research.The chemistry department is also planning to establishing graduate program in the near future, using the expertise of the highly qualified faculty department members.

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