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  • isra university جامعة الإسراء
  • Faculty of Information Technology

    About the Department - Computer Networks


    CNS branch has been established to qualify graduates in the management of wired and wireless networks, network security, and network & server programming.

    This branch also supports many areas of knowledge, such as data transfer and telecommunications.


     To be a pioneer scientific and research center capable of supplying the labor market with specialists in the field of computer science characterized by their creativity, innovation, and development to keep up with the ever-changing and challenges of the era, and have moral values and the culture of community service.


    Develop students' scientific and practical abilities in all computer science specializations to match the local and regional labor market by providing high-quality education in both theoretical and practical foundations, with an emphasis on basic programming techniques, systems programming, algorithm analysis, artificial intelligence, and mobile applications. The education plan should effectively ensure the development of efficient work cadres in the field of computer science, multimedia systems, and computer networks, giving them a competitive advantage to keep up with the continuous development and meet the challenges of the regional and global working environment of the 21st century.


    • Ability to install configures, maintain and manage the operations of complex wired and wireless network systems to achieve optimal technical performance and end-user support.
    • Ability to analyze and troubleshoot complex computer systems and network issues, identify the reasons for network and network device problems, failures and malfunctions and develop optimal solutions.
    • Ability to deal with data communication and information transmission issues in terms of traffic flow and security, analyze problems and alternatives, and develop appropriate recommendations
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