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  • Sunday, 29 April 2018 00:00

    Meeting of the general authority of Al-Isra company for education and investment Featured

    Meeting of the general authority  of Al-Isra company for education   and  investment


    The General authority of Al-Isra Company for education and investment  approved the 2017 budget,  and  also,  approved the distribution of 20%  cash  as a profits  to the shareholders for the year 2017, according to the recommendation of the Board of Directors during the meeting held at Al-Isra University on Monday, 2018/4/23.

    The Chairman of the Board, Mr. Raed Al-Daoud, said that, the company and its successive boards of directors have been keen to support the success of Al-Isra University since its inception and will continue to assume this responsibility. He also thanked the Board of Trustees and the Presidency of the University as well as  the academic and administrative members  for their efforts and achievements  for this year.

    A new Board of Directors was formed, consisting of Mr. Raed Al-Daoud, Eng. Maher Fathi Al-Ghalayini, Mr. Adnan Bahjat Talhouni, Mr. Abdul-Halim Sulaiman, Eng.  Ali Fathi Al-Ghalayini, Eng.  Saeed Najmuddin  Al-Turk, The  Jordanian  Kuwaiti  Bank ,  Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Ennab, and Dr. Hamed  Sadeq Quneibi. In addition, Mrs. Huda Othman Abu-Saleh  has been appointed as secretary of the Board of Directors.

    Thursday 26/4/2018

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