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  • Thursday, 15 March 2018 00:00

    A lecture entitled "Quality Assurance and Excellence Management in Jordanian Higher Education Institutions" at Al Isra University Featured


    Al-Isra University, in cooperation with the Higher Institute for Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions, organized a workshop in the field of "Quality Management and Excellence in Jordanian Higher Education Institutions", which was attended by Mohammed Al-Kharabsheh, President of the University, Prof. Dr. Bassam Al-Malkawi, Chairman of the Board of Directors / Director-General, Eng. Maher Al-Ghalayini, Director of the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Office and the dean of the business college Dr. Mahmoud Nour, and the head of Quality Assurance unit Dr. Uday Al Maaitah.

    The President of the University delivered a speech in which he welcomed the attendance and he clarify the role of the University since its establishment in accordance with an effective strategic plan to achieve its ambitious goals.   Hence,  the university provided many academic programs distributed in disciplines covering many fields, knowledge,  applied sciences, and the scientific climate that achieves many of the comprehensive quality standards, as it does the standard of governance through its various councils, and  also, he talked about scientific research and the dispatch of students to international outstanding  universities to obtain a doctorate degrees from these universities, in addition, he talked about the  university effort  to  strengthen its relations with the local community through educational and training courses.

     Mr. Mohammed Al-Kharabsheh, the Director of Quality Assurance, thanked the university for this workshop  and he explained the concept of cooperation between the accreditation oganization and the Jordanian public  and private universities.

    Dr. Ahmed Mansour, the Head of Classification of Higher Education Institutions, spoke about the quality assurance and standards that is  required to be applied  for the quality assurance certificate issued by the Jordanian Higher Education Accrediting Authority and to familiarize them with the self-assessment study mechanism which is an important part of the procedures for obtaining this certificate.

    During the workshop, Dr. Mansour explained the quality assurance standards approved by the Higher Education Institutions and the instructions issued by the Authority. He pointed out that,  these eight criteria include strategic planning, governance, academic programs, scientific research, scholarship, creativity, financial, material, human resources, student services, and community service. He mentioned the details of each of the main criteria, their components, indicators, evidence, proofs and documents required, stressing that the process of granting quality assurance certificate is one of the tasks of the accreditation body of the higher education institutions. Moreover, Dr. Mansoor enriched the participants with a number of information on the stages of awarding the quality assurance certificate to the institutions, the difference between granting the certificate to the university and the college, and gave them a full explanation of the methods of assessment and measurement and the arrival of self-evaluation of the Committee of Experts on issuing the grant decision and recommendation

    At the end of the lecture, the President of the University presented commemorative shields to Mr. Mohammed Kharabsheh and Dr. Ahmed Mansour.


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