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  • Thursday, 18 January 2018 00:00

    Faculty of Educational Sciences Celebrates its graduates Featured


    Under the patronage of our University’s President, Professor. Bassam Al-Malkawi,  and also in the presence of the Dean of the College  of Educational Sciences, Dr. Ahmed Suoman as well as  the Dean of the college  of Arts and Sciences, Professor. Zahria Abdul-Haq; the College of Educational Sciences organized graduation party for students who will graduate in the first semester of the academic year 2017/2018.

    Throughout this event, Dr. Ahmed Souman, Dean of the Colleg, provided the audience with notable and extraordinary words and here is part of it, “ On this wonderful  day, we celebrate the graduation of a new group of  our  students  who will graduates   from the College  of Educational Sciences, and we share with them  this moment  on the day of harvest and culmination of the effort you have made throughout your academic life in the university. I would like to congratulate you  for being the second place in this year's university proficiency exam from public and private universities. Therefore, I would like to extend my appreciations and gratitude to the University administration, represented by its President Professor . Bassam Al-Malkawi”

    Moreover, Washam Malkawi, a graduate student from  the Educational Sciences, gave some acknowledgement    and appreciation words and said ” "I am so proud to stand by you on my own behalf and also on behalf of my colleagues, I express my gratitude to the soldiers working in secret who brought us with their hardness and found them to the extent of our educational attainment, which is glorified by the distressed, and referred to by boys.  That this scientific structure, which we have to fulfill the life and loyalty, give it our respect”

    Subsequently, a film about the university was shown to the audience, after that, the  students of the college of Education  Sciences presented a short performance  entitled "Science Noor"

    At the end of this event, one of the previous graduates of the College of Education, Ms. Mason Shawabka, spoke of a story she had succeeded after graduation.



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