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  • Monday, 08 January 2018 00:00

    The First Meeting of Isra University Board of Trusties Featured

    The First Meeting of Isra University Board of Trusties


    The very first meeting of the University board of trusties for the academic year 2017/2018 was conducted at the university premises on Sunday, 17/12/2017. The board of trusties was established in 26/11/2017 with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research reference (No 13163/ع), and for four-year time period. The meeting was headed by Dr. Abdullah Malkawi, and membered by Dr. Bassam Malkawi (the university president) and the following sectors:


    The Industry & Commerce Sector:

    Drs. Ma’an Al-nsoor, Nom’aan Irshedat, and Eng. Osama Geshan


    The Experience & Opinion Sector:


    Dr. Ahmed Al-Nserat, and Wadah Al-Hmood.


    The Administrators Sector:

    Dr. Makram Al-Qotob, Eng. Ali Algalaini, and Mr. Adnan Talhoni


    The Academic Sector:

    Drs. Salah Al-Sharari, Fawzy Abu Danah, Salah Al-Galfoot, Gameel Al-Galoodi, and Tareq Al-Qorom







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