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  • Sunday, 05 June 2016 00:00

    Master Theses have Been Defensed in Isra University

    isra university جامعة الإسراء
    Master Theses in different subjects have Been Defensed in Isra University, as following:

     * "Agile Approach Risk Mitigation Model"/ Software Engineering by Areej Ahmad Nadaf.

    * "The role of banks in achieving the valuable functions documentary credit"/ Law, by Ali    Amer Hasan.

    * "Efficiency as a condition to assume public office in the Iraqi Law-a comparative study"/     Law, by Noor Ali Kadhim.

    * "Penal responsibility of an expert-a comparative study"/ Law, by Majid Saleh Shawabkeh.

    * "Antiepileptic and Anticonvulsant Effect of Bongardia Chrysogonum on Pentylenetetrazole –     Induced Kindling in Mice"/ Pharmacy, by Fadwa Thaer Shahir.

    * "Development of Pavement Maintenance Management System in Urban Areas (Study Case)"/    Engineering Project Management, by Ali Bilal Shamayleh.

    * "Construction Site Resources Management System Using Radio Frequency Identification   (RFID)", by Shiban Mohammed Hardan.


    In the conclusion, all of the researchers mentioned above have been awarded Master Degree in his/her specialist. 

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