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Sunday, 17 April 2016 00:00

Return of the Rector after his participation in the General Conference of the Union of Arab Universities in the UAE

isra university جامعة الإسراءRector Prof. Bassam Malkawi has returned after his participation in the General Conference of the Union of the Arab Universities at its forty nine session titeled "Sheikh Zayed Session" , which was held in the campus of the UAE University, with the participation of more than three hundred participants from Arab presidents of universities and delegations from Arab universities, that aims to enable the communication between Arab universities and serving their communities.

The agenda prepared by the General Secretariat of the Union has included on many subjects, where they discussed the activities and achievements of the councils and scientific societies that belong to the colleges, also they discussed the cooperation between the Union and the Arab, regional and international organizations, as well as the Union Prize for outstanding researcher and requests for membership of the Arab universities wishing to join the Union. HE Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Alpele, Vice President for Academic Affairs, has said: "Great ambitions and hopes  will be depended on this conference to achieve the aspirations of Arab universities in the region, and to achieve consistency and harmony among them in light of the urgent need to develop the education system in the Arab region, where the greatest burden and responsibility are put  upon  the Arab Universities in meeting the needs of their communities, and to support the scientific research and innovation.

HE Dr. Sultan Abu Orabi Al-Odwan, Secretary General of the Union of Arab universities, emphasized that the union was established in order to support the Arab universities to prepare the human being who is capable to serve the Arab societies and to achieve the aspirations of their peoples, explaining the objectives of the Union, such as cooperation and strive to achieve mutual recognition of the certificates of higher education between the Arab universities, to support the students creativity, activating the transferring of students and academic members between the Arab educational institutions and other objectives that the Union is trying to implement.

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