The objectives of the Business Management department

Business Management Department
The Department of Business Administration started operation in 1991 with the university foundation, as a part of faculty of financial and administrative Sciences to provide undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor Degree. Moreover, it offers postgraduate program leading to Master Degree. These programs are planned to achieve the University’s vision and mission.

Business administration is focusing on preparing a qualified student in the field of business administration, which is capable of keeping abreast of the development of administrative sciences, contributing to raising the overall quality of institutions and projects, and developing the highly qualified human resources required for the needs of the Jordan’s local market, institutions and projects. The department works on finding suitable and qualified capabilities to meet the social and the economic development needs of the labor market requirements. That is achieved through a comprehensive plan of information on organizational behavior, human resource management, management training, commercial law, quantitative methods, information systems and technology, production management and planning and control. This plan is well designed to contribute successfully to the objectives of the department. In addition, the department prepares graduates who are able to extrapolate periodic reports, and examine the trends of improvement in performance, indicators and elements, and take the appropriate decision and responsibility, in addition to follow the path of sound thinking, and the correct scientific methodology in addressing the issues and problems.

The main objectives of the department

To encourage distinguished and honored students to complete their higher education by sending them in missions to complete their higher studies in the field of their specialization in local and foreign universities
Providing students with scientific expertise in line with scientific developments in the field of specialization to better understand business environment
Provide students and with distinctive and practical skills and commensurate with the local and external labor market to enhancing their opportunities at labor market;
Preparing scientific cadres at the level of primary and higher studies in the field of business administration.
Research everything that is new in business management and keep track with the scientific developments in this field.