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Arts Faculty

Wednesday, 10 December 2014 00:00

About the Department

The Arabic language and literature Department in Isra University was established in 2002. It comprises distinguished and highly qualified members of the teaching staff who are specialized in all the genres of Arabic language and literature.

The message of the Department lies in preparing qualified graduates of Arabic in order to meet the demands of various job opportunities. The Department also aims at promoting open-mindedness and constructive dialogue in students.The department is concerned in instilling into its students the value of language and literature in their academic and professional life. It also aims at reinforcing their literary appreciation and criticism to be able to view and (re)view literary texts intellectually and academically.

The Department seeks to achieve excellence in both teaching and research to keep pace with the latest global scientific advancements. It also aims to equip the graduates with both theoretical and practical skills to play positive roles and be influential in Jordan, as well as, in other Arab countries. In addition, Arabic is our concern as the formal language and the basic element of our everlasting identity.

The department is equipped with state-of-the-art language labs for developing the students’ communication skills and reinforcing and complementing their theoretical linguistic knowledge.

Academic plan:

The study plan which complies with the general outline and standards of the Ministry of Higher Education is comprehensive enough to include all the necessary theoretical and practical courses in language and literature. The study plan is designed to meet the department’s learning objectives and outcomes whereby students can reach a level of competence that enables them to serve their community effectively.

Student's Activities:
Students are constantly motivated to take parts in different extracurricular activities on and off campus Including lectures, seminars, workshops and other activities but not excluded to lectures, seminars, workshops.

The Department’s Future Plans:
After launching a Master's program in Arabic language and literature, the department also aspires to offer a Master’s program in Arabic Syntax and Morphology.

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