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دائرة العلاقات الثقافية و العامة
Cultural and Public Relations

Sunday, 22 March 2015 00:00

Section of Promotion and Ceremonies

1.       Generalization of the names of the officials in the University to all formal institutions and Universities in Jordan at the beginning of each academic year, updating it and securing it to the intended institutions.

2.       Preparation, following and updating all formal invitations for various festivals of the university.

3.       Preparation of invitation cards in religious occasions with the name of university president.

4.       Preparation of visits held by formal and popular delegations and by university students and arranging a programme for such visits.

5.       Participation of informative activities which are concerned with university propagation on local and international level.

6.       Participation in the registration of new students.

7.       Reception and farewell  of university guests and preparing  of programme  for their visits.

8.       participation and cooperation in publishing brochures for the university, in a way that reflects the mission, vision and the basic values of the university.

9.       Reception of guests and delegations visiting the university during conferences from Jordan airport and securing an appropriate Hotel for them.

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