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Faculty of Business

Thursday, 08 October 2015 00:00

The objectives of the accounting department

A Brief about the Department:

The accounting department has been established at Business Faculty of  Isra University in 1991, to contribute in providing the human energy and resources that are scientifically qualified in accounting sciences, and to meet the various needs of different local and Arab institutions in the public and private sectors in this area.

The Department is specialized in delivering accounting sciences to students by adopting the scientific and educational methods, in addition to the most recent technology, to translate the economic events in a logical manner aiming to provide complete, reliable and appropriate information in a timely manner to help stakeholders in making decisions.

The Accounting Department grants bachelor’s degree in accounting sciences in Arabic language after completing the program requirements, which are 132 hours, which qualify the student to be granted such academic degree and enable him to practice accounting works in the light of the market requirements. The Department also offers a Higher Education Program (Master) adopted by the Council for Higher Education in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan during the school year 2012/2013.

The Objectives of the Department:

  1. The preparation of qualified and competent staff works in the field of accounting and auditing.
  2. Meet the needs of the local and Arab market, in both public and private sectors, of the Human resources who have the knowledge, scientific and practical ability in Accounting.
  3. Enhancing the educational and teaching standard through the adoption of the best and most recent information and scientific development and facilities provided by the theories and IT technology and communication.
  4. Holding scientific conferences and workshops in the field of accounting.
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