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E-Learning Center

About Us

E-Learning Center in brief


The E-Learning Center was established in 2012 as the culmination of series of steps that ISRA University has established on its management plan to develop learning and education. This step was based on the requirements of the modern technological development that scientific and practical society faces in the 21st century. The University of ISRA has adopted new foundations in learning based on e learning. The importance of e-learning among its students and teachers is one of its priorities in its educational plan, which is based on developing responsibility, communication skills, creative and critical thinking, and the ability to deal with others through gradual transition to creating a distinctive interactive learning environment and achieving the best learning outcomes .


The E-Learning Center is equipped with a complete set of modern educational systems (e-learning management system, e-portfolio system, simultaneous virtual classroom system, interactive content authoring system) and a specialized staff to enable the Center to achieve University's goals and e-learning goals

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