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    About Science Faculty


    About Science College,

                    Science College was established at Al-Isra University in 2015 and started to accept students in both chemistry and physics majors at the beginning of the academic year 2015/2016. The establishment of this college was keeping with the tremendous and incredible scientific developments that are taking place in our time in different fields of science.

                    The main objective of the university is to afford our students the preeminent education and scientific preparation and training   so as to qualify them and also to  make them certified to join the different scientific, educational and industrial fields as well as  scientific research.

                Science College is located at the campus of Al Isra University that offers to students all kinds of facilities on an area of ​​three hundred thousand square meters on the way of the Queen Alia International Airport road close to Amman (the capital city of Jordan).  Since its foundation, Science College has sought to approve the latest teaching and training programs and to afford a distinctive and typical educational environment that stimulates innovation through its modern classroom facilities, laboratories and scientific tools. Science College has sought to attract the best qualified and knowledgeable academic, research and technical expertise. Moreover, the college has provided the opportunity and environment to all faculty members to perform scientific research in addition to the academic feature through granting scientific research support provided by Al Isra University.

    On the other hand, the college offers several scientific courses  to other students  in other scientific colleges  at the university, including college  of pharmacy, engineering and nursing.

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