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    Accreditation Office

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    isra university جامعة الإسراء


    In accordance with the conviction of  AlIsra University concerning the importance of establishing and disseminating the culture of developing its academic programs and in line with the message of the university and its general objectives, the university established the accreditation and quality assurance office  in 2010.

    The accreditation office undertakes the task of following up all the programs of the university and initiating new specializations. Also, it enlarges the capacity of the existing specializations and verifies that all programs fulfill all the criteria of accreditation, general and private, for attaining a high level of performance in the academic programs presented and what renders them a distinguished educational institution in the fields of the educational process, research and community service.

    The accreditation office in the university seeks to follow up the new and existing specializations for B.A. and M.A. programs according to the criteria set by the accreditation committee of the Higher Education institutions. Moreover, the accreditation office provides the procedure and instructions for the academic and administrative departments regarding the general and private accreditation and in line with the instructions and criteria of the accreditation commission of the Higher Education institutions. It verifies that the claims presented by the university should fulfill the terms and criteria set by the accreditation.


    Accreditation Office Director      

    Dr. Mahmoud Ibrahim Mahmoud  Nour

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