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Consultation Center

Monday, 11 May 2015 00:00

About center of Consultations

The brochure of the center:

To see the brochure Arabic Click here
To see the brochure English Click here

The management of the center:

The center administratively follows the presidency of the university, and is managed by a director that is chosen from among the technically and administratively experienced members of the teaching staff. The center has a council headed by the university president Dr. Noman Al-Khatib, and the membership of the director of the center Dr.
Ghaida Abu Rumman, a number of faculty members equal to the number of faculties at the university, and representatives of the economic sectors in the Jordanian community. The units of the center:

The center consists of the consultations and studies unit, the continuing education unit, and the community service unit.

The center’s areas of work:
Centralized training programs:

These programs are designed based on the results of the ongoing evaluation process carried out by the management of the centre in order to identify the training needs of the Jordanian community, and to enhance the knowledge and develop the skills in the administrative, technical and engineering areas, including:

- Specialized technical services, consultations and studies:

The center enlists a number of academics, specialists and highly qualified experts in various disciplines, capable of providing consultation studies in many economic, social, technical and developmental fields upon request from the public and private institutions.

- Development of the university’s staff:

The Centre implements plans and training programs which are approved in coordination with the various faculties and departments. The Centre has prepared a plan that includes a specific mechanism in providing such courses, taking into consideration the need to provide workers at the university with the knowledge and skills needed to modernize their methods of work within three areas ranked in order of importance:

• Disseminating basic knowledge of computer skills and providing the staff of different positions with these skills.
• Holding specialized courses in the fields of administration, academic counseling, social and scientific research and languages, especially English.
• Holding workshops on specific topics in order to inform workers about the latest methods in the educational, academic and technical fields in harmony with the nature of teaching at the university.
• The unit of continuing education and community service:

The center offers its services in many administrative and economic developmental fields in addition to the field of vocational and technical training in order to raise the working standard among individuals and institutions. It also aims to transfer technology, scientific knowledge and modern applications in a manner that is commensurate with the nature of the administrative and technical work in our various institutions and productivity projects. Contractual training programs:
These programs are designed specifically to meet the training needs of a particular institution in light of its objectives and the future challenges it faces, such as the fields of industry, commerce, environment, administration and community services. These programs include:

1. Launching awareness campaigns:
- Giving awareness lectures in several areas, including:
- Youth and drugs.
- Unemployment in Jordan.

2. Issuing publications relating to the lectures that include a detailed explanation of them, and distributing them to the youth.

3. Qualifying the youth community to find appropriate employment opportunities by:
- Cooperation with other institutions and companies such as (Injaz Foundation, the Institution of Vocational Training ... etc.).
- Contracting with charities specialized in youth.
- Holding training courses in professional and academic fields.

4. Giving lectures, holding workshops and seminars, and distributing leaflets in the areas of women's awareness programs:
- Women's rights and the role of culture in guaranteeing them.
- Human rights.

5. Cooperating with local community organizations to launch a campaign to educate women on the subject of their own small projects.

6. Establishing formal correspondences with the related authorities of women's empowerment programs in Jordan and abroad, and to seek financial support for the implementation of these programs.

7. Giving lectures and holding workshops in several areas, including:
- Nerve translator.
- How can I be distinct?
- Success Skills.
- Effective youth participation.
- Learn about your amazing abilities (the art of discovering energies and capacities).
- How to unlock your abilities and achieve your dreams?
- The arts of language programming in human relations.
- Change Management.
- How to be a leader?
- Let us think economically.
- Good governance.
- Skills of opportunities investment.
- Human rights.
- Career consultations.

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