· To develop the e-learning center to become significant unit that is excellence using technology, instructional design, management of e learning, able to achieve the quality and performance indicators in e-learning and distance learning according to international best practices.

· Assist instructors to prepare, evaluate, and develop e- courses that keep up with education technology advances.

· Publish and promote e-learning practices and its application in the learning process, to prepare a community that accept and interact with this style of learning.

· Develop executive and strategic plans for the development of the center's activities according global standards.

· Convert some of the current curriculum and study program to electronic curriculum in a progressive manner using current e-learning techniques.

· To train instructors on how to employ and use eLearning technologies in the teaching and learning process, providing them with the necessary skills to raise their efficiency in e learning and distance learning.

· To apply e-learning and distance learning policies to ensure that ISRA University keeping up with global universities and to ensure the quality of all learning services provided by the center

· To provide consultation service to community organizations and exchanges experience with them in the field of educational technology and its applications.