About the Department of Physics





A brief introduction to Department of Physics at Science College

Due to the importance of Physics in our life and its influence and power in different fields such as technology , environment etc, and in addition to our university intense to follow up the most recent developments in science and technology; the university has established physics department in the academic year 2015/2016 .

The most important objective of the department is to prepare outstanding workers who are capable to transact and manage with the most modern technology and science revolutions and furthermore to support our national schools with specialist, proficient, and knowledgeable teachers, in addition to our requirements to skilful, talented employees in the technology and communication companies.

Isra University has been enthusiastic to offer a prefect scientific atmosphere to this department through recruiting highly qualified, skilled faculty members in diverse research fields in physics. Furthermore, department of physics provides a study guide to all students that contains all kind of research fields. Moreover, the department offers different courses which serve other students in the university, for example engineering, pharmacy, and Information technology students. The department’s study guide contains 35 credit hours that has been scattered in different categories, these courses have been founded to improve the basic knowledge and culture of students, as well as courses for developing their knowledge in physics as majors.

Physics department has always an intention to become a pioneer in the different academic and research fields by using the latest educational tools and equipment to build a leader, Conscious, and strong personality for all our students.

The department has an inspiration to compete other departments in the public universities in Jordan.