About Health Center

   Due to the university's keenness to translate its principles and philosophy into reality, and the awareness of the significant effective role that health plays in the lives of university students, Isra University has established a dedicated Medical Department which is located in a large and wide place in the campus, supported by a distinguished medical staff, medical equipments, and devices that cover all the medical departments from treatment room, Emergency room, monitoring and a distinctive large pharmacy which contains most types and varieties of medicine that are disbursed daily free of charge.

The university was keen on the student's health and illness where as if the condition requires for conversion is transferred to distinctive hospitals, also the department was supplied with an ambulance to transfer the emergency cases from the departments and faculties to the emergency room at the university, and in the cases where a Hospital referral is needed it is transferred for treatment. The university provides for its student and its employees a distinctive health system, and as part of the health system available for students and employees, the patient enjoys all the health services provided by the clinic in addition to the pharmacy and treatment in the best hospitals in the kingdom.