Message From the Dean



Welcome to the nursing program at Isra University, we aim at graduating clinically competent, caring nursing professionals who are prepared to lead and initiate change, and continue learning. Each of our Faculty is dedicated to promote a rigorous and dynamic learning and supportive environment where students are encouraged to explore, experience, and excel in teaching and learning environment that fosters collegiality, respect, scholarship, and collaboration.

Our students come from different backgrounds and experiences and all are valued in our faculty ensuring strong counseling approach and open door policy, and encouraging engagement, we are also pioneering in competency and concept based curriculum and exploring measurements of effective competences. The faculty adopted concept based and competency based curriculum with a core themes emerged from our values, and a foundation of concepts, and unique approach to clinical education in order to prepare nurses dedicated to lifelong learning, critical thinking, evidence based professional practice, and leadership within an evolving healthcare delivery system.

We are committed to graduating leaders with proper competencies to work effectively in an ever changing, complex, and challenging social, economical, and political context, and with proper competencies to lead change and develop healthcare, process information and evidenced conceptual thinking and reasoning to form clinical judgment, and promote better healthcare outcomes.

The Faculty members are continuously engaged in initiatives with community and academic partners, and with our partnership with private sector hospital and MOUs with public hospitals we are able to offer first-class clinical experiences for our student with minimum rations.

The faculty of Nursing aspires to become one of the leading quality educational programs in the region though its learner’s centered, concept based and competency based curriculum and learning environment, and through application of research and community service.

With our work values excellence, transparency, and team work, we believe we could achieve our vision.

Our faculty and a very short time achieved significant status in among nursing faculties in Jordan. We are proud of our accomplishments and we are enthusiastic of our future we do invite you to be part of this process. Join us as we explore, engage, and excel.



Dr. Imad Al-Fayoumi