Message From the Dean


God, in his holy Book, exhorts people to Dear brothers, visitors of the faculty of Educational Sciences Website, Collages, staff members and Students. Assalam alaikom.

I am pleased to welcome you all to the factory of Educational Sciences at Isra University. This faculty is greatly concerned with maintaining a lofty message. It play various roles, achieves different tasks, and adopts certain procedures to fulfil the criterion of quality and distinction to be pioneer in the field of higher education. the faculty's objective is to provide a unique environment in teaching, learning, academic research, and community service.

The Faculty of Educational Sciences aspires to take the lead among its counterparts, locally and regionally, by attracting prominent staff members who are able to offer unprecedented, up –to- late knowledge. This approach is supposed to link the theoretical and applied knowledge with the distinction in learning and teaching methods it also applies of the most recent skills in different academic fields. This approach also entails the employment of the technology in teaching in order to graduate students who are well qualified for the job market and community service.

The Faculty of Educational Sciences is fully prepared to communicate, through its website, the message of the faculty, its objectives,

organizational structure, and staff members. The Website provides a clear image of the faculty's role, activates, and future vision.

The faculty of educational science at all Al-Isra University has the following department:
- Class Teacher Department.
- Child Education Department.
- Department of postgraduate studies (Master Degree in Kindergarten)

In addition, relying on its message of community service, the faculty realize the significance of opening effective channels with all benevolent factions of society. I par for Allah to help us all in achieving the massage of the faculty and in preparing teachers who believe in their mission and are able to maintain a sense of creation and competition in the job market.


Prof.Ayman Sanad Al Qrala