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I am pleased and honored to welcome all visitors to Isra university website which has been realized through modern programming in order to cope with our objectives in presenting the best educational services ever. The visit to our website will be rich and fruitful as it opens for you a window through which we get to know our visitors  we care to introduce to our university, its academic specializations for the B.A level and the M.A programs, in addition to the university activities, facilities, and academic conferences.

With you, we will be constantly heading for the best on this site that will be a comprehensive academic holder distinguished by a variety of academic information and flavor to respond to your academic queries.

Isra University is Part  the Jordanian system of Higher Education and it will continue to be an academic tributary among its counterparts of Jordanian universities taking into consideration the quality of education, and scientific research in order to serve the community. The university was established 25 years ago. Its graduates of all majors exceed 20 thousand students who have become part and parcel of the working construction and production force.

The University comprises Ten faculties:

Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Finance, Faculty of Law , Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Educational Sciences,  Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences .

It also has 26 undergraduate specializations at the B.A level and 8 postgraduate programs: Master degrees in:law, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering Project Management, Accounting, Program Engineering, Kindergarten , Arabic Language ,and Business Administration (MBA).

The University has recently created various centers: a center for child rights , a center for developing staff members and a center for electronic learning (E-learning). To enhance the educational process, a center for consultations and continuing education, Community service center, computer center, in addition to deanship of student's affairs, deanship of evening studies, and deanship of academic research and higher studies were created.

The university also has scholarship programs to send student's to Arab and international universities to get doctoral degrees in many fields. A selected number of instructors were sent on scholarships to Arab,  and international universities .some have already obtained PhDs in various distinguished fields and joined Isra university staff members . 

Dear visitors:

I am pleased to invite you to contact us for any queries, and to place whatever constructive academic remarks you have, wishing you benefit and enjoy the educational and academic information available at this electronic forum. May Almighty Allah further your hopes and straighten your steps on the way of goodness and benevolence.

President of the University:
Prof. Bassam Malkawi

اقرأ المزيد



Isra University was established in 1991 in compliance with the decree 357 of Jordanian Higher Education Council in 1989. Through its progress, the University has obtained general accreditation since 1991 with a capacity of 1320 students; currently, this capacity has mounted to 7750 students.

The University is located on the road of Queen Alia International Airport. Its faculties, constructions, and facilities lie on an area of three square kilometers at Al-Tanib district, South of Amman.



The University awards Bachelor Degree in 25 specializations in addition to Master Degrees in 9 specializations, which are: law, Pharmacy, Management of Engineering Projects, Accounting, Software Engineering, and Kindergarten, affiliated with eight faculties. These specializations are recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, authorized by the accreditation board of higher education institutions in Jordan, and granted many accreditation and appreciation certificates by national and international institutions. Twenty groups have so far graduated, amounting to more than 20000 students.

The University is a member of Association of Arab Universities, Assembly of Private higher education institutions in Arab countries, Arab Assembly for Training University students, International Association of Universities, and International Association of Training and Development organizations.


Study System

The University follows the credit hour system in the teaching process. Attendance of lectures and laboratory work are obligatory; student absence should not exceed 15 percent of the total hours required for each course. To get a Bachelor Degree from faculties of Arts, Administrative and Financial Sciences, Educational Sciences, Information Technology, and Nursing. an undergraduate student should successfully complete 132 credit hours, and 141 credit hours in the Faculty of Law, with a cumulative average not less than 60 percent. In the Faculties of Pharmacy and Engineering, an undergraduate student should successfully complete 160 credit hours with a cumulative average not less than 60 percent. To get Master Degree in relevant specializations, a postgraduate student should successfully complete 33 credit hours with a cumulative average not less than 75 percent in both programs: research-based program and taught  program.



اقرأ المزيد
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